Demo 2014

by First Quarter Storm

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Music recorded at The Hater's Lair in East LA, CA.
Vocals recorded at New Ruin's practice space in Riverside, CA.


released November 30, 2014

Romeo P - Gitara
Joshua C - Boses
X T-101 X - Bass
Ernesto Reyes Jr. - Beats



all rights reserved


First Quarter Storm Redlands, California

"Here among workers and peasants our lost generation has found its true, its only, home."


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Track Name: The Ghost of David Fagen
Your lies end our lives
Our hands meet your demands
Your wealth grows as we decline

At your beck and call
Your profit at the cost of all
Fear keeps everyone in line

This system of exploitation
Is headed towards evisceration
Relief from our suffering and pain

The people are unafraid
They have everything to gain
They have nothing to lose but their chains

We are your servants no more
We won’t fight your white man’s war

The master’s house will be dismantled
The old society left in shambles

Protracted People’s War
Two Stage Revolution
From the countryside to the cities
This will be the solution
Track Name: The Challenge
Inaction renders meaningless
That X on your hand
Liberation won’t be achieved by just starting up a band
Your efforts fall short (4x)

Shut your mouth
I’ve heard enough (4x)

Lifestyle activist
Lacking class analysis
Single issue veganism
Only concerned with specieism
Tunnel-visioned liberal
Politics turned mechanical
Unwilling to criticize your privilege
This is where you fail us

You’re not fooling me (3x)
This charade ends now
Track Name: First Quarter Storm
The time for talk is over
The time to act is now

Endless discussion and hypothesizing lulling us to sleep
The climb up the ivory tower has become ever so steep
Integration with the masses is the key
Material experience on the ground is where we begin to succeed

Build theory
From your praxis
Turn your words
Into action

Abstraction and idealism plague the minds of the academic elite
Touting the end of history, capitulation, and defeat
But trust in the unity of the workers and the peasantry
Never underestimate the desire of the oppressed to be free

A storm rains down
Upon the oppressor
Drown the tyrants
And their successors

Remold for the revolution
Accept your role and fight
Cast aside petite-bourgeois aspirations
Join the masses and unite